Baltic Grid CA

Baltic Grid Certification Authority

Baltic Grid CA was terminated on 26th of October 2015.

All existing certificates have been revoked and the CA has ceased to issue any new certificates.
CA private keys have been destroyed.
This page is for information purpose only.

Baltic Grid Certification Authority was created as a part of The Baltic Grid Project. Its aim was to serve grid users in all Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Baltic Grid Certification Authority was operated by Estonian Education and Research Network (EENet).


Raekoja plats 14, 51004 Tartu, Estonia
Tel: +372 730 2110

Root certificate and CRL

Root certificate (PEM) 2a237f16.0
Root certificate (DER) 2a237f16.der
CRL 2a237f16.r0
CRL URL 2a237f16.crl_url
Signing Policy 2a237f16.signing_policy


Baltic Grid CA CP/CPS v1.3
Baltic Grid CA CP/CPS v1.2
Baltic Grid CA CP/CPS v1.1
Baltic Grid CA CP/CPS v1.0

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